The Law Office of Jacqueline Brown Scott offers the following legal services to families and individuals:

Family Immigration – We help citizens and legal residents apply to bring spouses and other family members into the country. We can prepare your family visa petition and assist you through the entire green card process.

Nonimmigrant Visas – If you or someone you know is planning a short trip to the United States, you generally must obtain a “nonimmigrant” or temporary visa. We can help you determine what type of visa you qualify for, and what steps you have to take to in applying for such a visa.

Defense from Deportation and Removal - If you face a removal hearing and the possibility of deportation, we may be able to help you.  Relief from deportation may be in the form of cancellation of removal, waivers of inadmissibility, asylum, motions to suppress, adjustment of status, humanitarian relief, or temporary protected status (TPS).

Asylum – Seeking asylum requires careful preparation and an understanding of how to present your case.  We can help you to prepare your application and supporting evidence, accompany you to any meetings, interviews or hearings with government officials, prepare briefs on your behalf, and represent you in immigration court if you are in removal proceedings.

Criminal Convictions and Immigration – A criminal conviction can result in the deportation of an immigrant legally residing in the United States.  If you are a legal permanent resident, or are undocumented or overstayed your visa, and have been arrested on a criminal charge, you should seek representation by a criminal attorney for the criminal charge, and representation of a knowledgeable immigration attorney who understands the consequences of criminal convictions.

Appeals – We can help you appeal an adverse decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals or to the federal courts.  With appeals, timing is crucial. In most cases, you only have 30 days to file an appeal.  However, it is sometimes possible to appeal your case if you are past the 30-day deadline by filing a motion to reopen. Our attorney is experienced with the appeals process and its deadlines.

Student and Exchange Program Participant Visas – If you have a residence in a foreign country which you have no intention of abandoning, and you who wish to come to the United States to pursue a course of study at an academic institution accredited by the USCIS, you may qualify for an F-1 student visa. In addition, applicants may qualify for a J-1 & J-2 Exchange Visitor Visa if they are coming to the United States to participate in a program of studies, training, research, or cultural enrichment specifically designed by the United States Department of State (DOS). Individuals who qualify under this category are trainees, scholars, professors, teachers, medical graduates, students, and trainees.

U-Visa Nonimmigrant Status – If you have been a victim of a crime in the United States, you may be eligible for U-visa nonimmigrant status. Recipients of U-visa status can remain in the United States for up to four years and may be accompanied by eligible family members.  After four years, a U nonimmigrant recipient may apply for adjustment of status for legal permanent residence.  Our attorney can assist you in determining if you are eligible for U-visa nonimmigrant status.

Naturalization and Citizenship - We help clients become citizens of the United States.  We can assess your prospects for obtaining citizenship by identifying any potential obstacles to U.S. citizenship, including criminal charges, recommending actions you can take to improve your chances of approval, educating you about the naturalization process, and preparing your application.

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